The Donald Trump Groupie and Fan Club (Again!)

Humor is one of the best ways to battle hatred and bigotry.  It is in that spirit that I post this piece.  I believe that Donald Trump and his ideas are dangerous, and I strongly hope he will not be elected.  Using humor is one way to fight against him

Kathy Minicozzi


October, 2016

Annabel Lee Longfellow Stump who always edits these newsletters won’t return my calls, unfriended me on Facebook and spits on my shoe when I go to talk to her.  I have nobody to correct grammar and spelling.  My ten-year-old son, who corrected me some on the last newsletter, didn’t want to do it again because he said it’s stupid and he doesn’t want to look stupid to the whole world.  I told him this newsletter doesn’t go out to more than ten people, which isn’t the world, and if he didn’t help me out I’d take away his iPhone for a week.  So I got him to edit for me.  If there are any mistakes, it’s his fault, not mine.

(The statements made in this newsletter are strictly those of my mother and have nothing whatsoever in the whole universe to do with me or any of my friends.  The author’s ten-year-old son, who can’t wait until he turns 18 and makes his escape.)

So I guess you all saw the two debates on TV.  Don’t you just LOVE the way our Donald can talk around any question they throw at him and end up talking about something else that has nothing to do with the question?  That’s a gift, I tell you.  Hillary can’t do that.  She stays right on the subject they want her to talk about except when she’s claiming that something Donald said wasn’t true.  Donald finds all kinds of bad things to say about her.  He really pays attention to all the gossip and loves to repeat it, which we all know is the best way to find things out, especially when someone is going after a job you want.

I admit I blushed a little (okay, a lot) when I played that video where Donald was talking like a sailor in a house of ill repute.  Well, men are like that.  If I met him and he grabbed me by the hoo-hah I’d just slug him and get it over with and then we could be friends because I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t do that again and get slugged again.  Men have been grabbing women and talking dirty since the time of Adam and Eve and women have either just taken it or hit the guy and told him off.  That’s the way the human race was created and that’s just the way it is.

Anyway, Donald apologized.  If a man says he’s sorry you have to forgive him even if you figure he didn’t mean it.  Donald apologized for talking trash and we just have to act like it was nothing, even if we won’t un-hear those words for a long time.  That’s only civilized, right?

If my husband ever did that to other women and I found out about it I’d divorce him, but that’s a whole other story.

I’ll have more to say in the next newsletter.

Respectfully submitted,

Melisande Albina Dummschlager (“MAD”)
The Donald Trump Groupie and Fan Club


DISCLAIMER:  Aside from the name Donald Trump, all of the names in this piece came out of the author’s imagination and are not meant to represent any person, living or deceased.  In addition, The Donald Trump Groupie and Fan Club is a figment of the author’s imagination, and not meant to represent any group in existence at any time.


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