Women are Like … What Again?

I have been reading Dave Barry’s Complete Guide to Guys (published by Ballantine Books and available on Amazon.com, which is where I found it).  Dave Barry is one of my idols.  One of these days, if I work hard, I’ll be able to write like that.  Hope springs eternal in the human heart.  Somebody was the first to come up with that quote, but I won’t tell you who it was because I don’t feel like looking it up right now.[1]

Now that there is a guide to guys on the market, I thought it would be fair to give equal attention to us women.  I appointed myself to the job, because I am eminently qualified, being a woman.  Besides that, it’s my idea and I got here first.


A Couple of Old Timey Ideas That Are a Crock of You-Know-What

Old Timey Man and Woman
To start with, women are not scatterbrained, weak or helpless.  If you don’t believe this, try any of the following traditionally female occupations: 
  •       Childbirth
  • .       Raising children and keeping a house clean
  • .       Raising children and keeping a house clean while working full-time outside the home
  • .       Keeping the boss organized and the office running smoothly, including handling emergencies 

If that’s scatterbrained, weak and helpless, I’m Cleopatra.  By the way, she wasn’t scatterbrained, weak or helpless, either.

While we’re at it, women are not either saintly and virginal or whores.  We are somewhere in between.  Most of us have a healthy sex drive, and, like men, it ranges in intensity, depending on the person.  The range includes everything from: 
  • .       Able to do without it, needing the right kind of stimulation to get going
  • .       Horny as hell and ready
  • .       Some combination of the two, depending on circumstances
  • .       Any degree in between 

And, just like our male counterparts, women share information with each other.  If you don’t believe me, listen in sometime to a bunch of college women, especially if they are a little bit high.  Yes, men get reputations, too.  This includes married men, because wives who are friends talk among each other, and not just about kids and quick recipes.

If women did not have a sex drive, there would be no market for vibrators, especially the ones that fit into lady parts.

In the meantime, a man who plays around indiscriminately earns the admiration and envy of other men, unless he comes down with an STD or ends up in jail or something.  A woman who does the same is considered the neighborhood skank.  Considering that, unless you are pleasuring yourself, it takes at least two people to perform a sex act, it isn’t fair to bow down in admiration to one of them and blame the other one.  They are both in on it.

(DISCLAIMER:  I am not advocating promiscuous and/or indiscriminate sex.  I want to make that clear, in case anyone thinks I said that or hinted at it above, which I didn’t.)

This is probably going to turn into some kind of series on this blog, so stay tuned.

[1] I gave in and looked it up.  It’s from “An Essay on Man” by Alexander Pope.  I feel better now.


Perry Block said…
Kathryn, Thanks for the tip on fixing my blog comments section. After almost eight years of blog writing, maybe I'll finally get some comments for crying out loud! Although I'll probably find out I'm just as unpopular as I thought I was. But thanks again!

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