Embarrassing Product Names

I had nothing better to do in the last couple of days, so I looked on the Internet for funny product names.  Your imagination can soar to great heights or fall to great depths with these.  Here are some examples.  Most of these are just so wrong that it would be a crime not to poke fun at them.

Bag Balm
What I imagine it to be:  A tranquilizer for unattractive old ladies
What it is:  A salve to be applied to a cow’s udder.  It can also be used by humans as a hand lotion.

What I imagine it to be:  A group of tiny gay men who insist that a “faggot” is a piece of firewood that provides light and warmth and, therefore, it is not an insult
What it is:  Stuffed pasta

What I imagine it to be:  (1) A witch’s brew that enlarges lady parts; (2) A giant cat.
What it is:  Potato chips

Nuclear Licorice
What I imagine it to be:  A minuscule device disguised as a piece of black candy, designed to blow up entire cities.
What it is:  Plain old ordinary brown colored lozenges

Soup for Sluts
What I imagine it to be:  A liquid aphrodisiac for women that turns them into raving nymphomaniacs
What it is:  A form of Ramen noodles

What I imagine it to be:  Virginal lady parts
What it is:  Beer


Bwahahaha! Pass the Megapussi and Vergina!
P.S. As a rancher, have used bag balm on many an occasion. And it does make great hand lotion. Ask Shania Twain!
Kathy's World said…
Beer and potato chips! A combination made in Heaven! ;)

I have heard about the wonderful properties of Bag Balm, but have never tried it. It would probably be great during the winter here, when the hands become dry and raw.

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