Fun Things to Do When You are Too Sick to Go to Work but Not Sick Enough to Stay in Bed All Day

     1.    Make prank phone calls to some nasty neighbor.
     2.    Play Dragon Mahjong on your computer until it makes you even sicker from aggravation because it’s so hard to win.
     3.    Call your workplace to assure yourself that they miss you.
4.    Get caught up on that novel you are reading.

     5.    Work on that novel you are writing.
     6.    Look out the window and watch all the people out there having more fun than you are having.
7.    Plan a redecoration of your living room.
8.    Give up plans to redecorate the living room when you realize you will probably have to do it yourself because your last bank statement shows insufficient funds to pay anyone else.  You are such a klutz that you can’t even hang a picture on the wall without help.
9.    Call all your friends, who will be shocked to hear from you.
10. Watch the ID Channel over and over.  If you are not addicted already, you will soon become so.
11. If you don’t have cable TV, get caught up on some DVD movies you haven’t gotten around to yet.  Your friends are dying to know what you think of “The Hobbit.”



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