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The Ancient Deities Support Society and Dysfunctional Family Primal Therapy Group REDUX

I am in the process of writing a funny novel about a university professor and a group of ancient Greek gods and goddesses still living, now, in the 21st Century.  I thought it would be nice to have some fun here with the premise that a bunch of REALLY old Greeks with magical powers are still living in the 21st Century and fitting pretty well into modern society.
The scene is a large room in a luxury penthouse in Manhattan, which appears to be made of nothing but windows and spare, modern furnishings.  The room is full of people, none of whom appear to be any older than about 25 – 30.  They are all drop-dead gorgeous, some more than others.  They are dressed in various styles, from designer clothes to jeans and sweats, depending on profession, personality and financial status.  They are sitting wherever they can find something to sit on.
A tall woman wearing a Dolce and Cabbana outfit is standing at one end of the room.  She is HERA, the wife of ZEUS.  She and ZEUS live in London and h…

What Are the REAL Qualities of Your Astrological Sign?

Disclaimer:  This is a work of humor.  I made it all up, except for the names of infamous people.  Please don’t take it seriously.  On the other hand, if you want to laugh, go ahead.

Astrologers love to make people feel good about themselves.  They sell books that way, not to mention all those syndicated newspaper columns.  Descriptions about the characteristics of each sign are bound to be glowing and flattering, with an occasional “but” or “however” thrown in, just to give the impression that the author is not trying to butter everyone up in order to create a best seller.
It came to my mind that it would be refreshing to give readers an alternate view of those starry signs in the sky.  I consulted an astrologer friend, Madame Brunnhilde K. Tollkopf, and together we came up with the following:
ARIES:  You are a big baby, domineering and bad-tempered.  Nobody loves you, except your mother, and even she has second thoughts.  Adolph Hitler was an Aries. 
TAURUS:  You are stubborn and you a…

The Donald Trump Groupie and Fan Club (Again!)

Humor is one of the best ways to battle hatred and bigotry.  It is in that spirit that I post this piece.  I believe that Donald Trump and his ideas are dangerous, and I strongly hope he will not be elected.  Using humor is one way to fight against him
Kathy Minicozzi
Annabel Lee Longfellow Stump who always edits these newsletters won’t return my calls, unfriended me on Facebook and spits on my shoe when I go to talk to her.  I have nobody to correct grammar and spelling.  My ten-year-old son, who corrected me some on the last newsletter, didn’t want to do it again because he said it’s stupid and he doesn’t want to look stupid to the whole world.  I told him this newsletter doesn’t go out to more than ten people, which isn’t the world, and if he didn’t help me out I’d take away his iPhone for a week.  So I got him to edit for me.  If there are any mistakes, it’s his fault, not mine.
(The statements made in thi…