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As Might be Seen on TV

Scented Nose Cover
OPEN ON shot of woman changing a baby's diaper, looking as if she is about to pass outfrom the smell.  The woman is wearing no makeup, her hair is messy and she is wearing an apron that is falling off her shoulders.
ANNOUNCER (VOICEOVER):  Oh, those putrid odors!
CUT TO shot of a well-dressed man on a New York City subway platform, holding his nose.
CUT TO shot of woman mopping a linoleum floor, using bleach, with her hand over her nose.
ANNOUNCER (VOICEOVER):  Strong, bad odors!  Don't you wish you could find a way to get rid of them for good?
CUT TO shot of announcer, standing in a field of flowers
ANNOUNCER:  Your search is over.  I would like to introduce you to Smell-B-Gon, the scented nose cover.
Large image of plastic nose appears in top left corner of screen.  The plastic nose is equipped with what looks like two little oxygen tubes on the bottom.
CUT TO man on subway platform, who is pouring a liquid from a tiny bottle into …