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Picking Out a Halloween Costume

It's that time of year again.  Yes, it's coming:  HALLOWEEN!

Some of you plus-sized ladies might be fortunate(?) enough to be invited to a party where costumes are required, or at least encouraged.  This is for you:

As usual, I have no plans for Halloween this year, other than to eat as many pieces of candy corn and mellowcreme pumpkins as possible before my local drug store chains stop selling them.That is one tradition that I refuse to give up, no matter how old I get.
None of my friends ever throw Halloween parties.I probably could turn my apartment into a “haunted house,” but that’s too much trouble, and I’m sure that my cat would not go along with it, especially if it meant putting a costume on her and expecting her to behave in front of people.Therefore, my chances of needing a costume are next to nothing.That doesn’t stop me from browsing, though.I don’t know why I do this.If somebody can figure out why I do it, please let me know.
So her…