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A Perfect World

Imagine that now, in 2017 CE, we are living in a world where space travel to other galaxies is common.  New worlds inhabited by many kinds of life forms, including humanoids, are being found every year.  New technologies are being invented every month.  People can be transported from one place to another in ten seconds.  You get the idea.
Because it is embedded in their genetic code, the human beings who live on Earth are eager to explore, take over and rule any habitable planet whose indigenous population is capable of being overrun.  To this end, the United States and its allies, financed by a couple of global corporate conglomerates, have built and manned a large fleet of intergalactic space ships.
The Intergalactic Ship Empire has landed on a populated planet whose inhabitants call it Kikass, from an ancient word meaning “Dirt.”  It is an Earth-like planet with a nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere, an unspoiled place of great natural beauty, loaded with natural resources that the people of …

Harmony’s Cat Café and Spa

Someone leaked the news to my cat Harmony that a new Cat Café is opening in Boston.[1]This put an idea into her little cat brain.Instead of opening a café where humans can come to have coffee or tea and play with adoptable kitties, she would open a café and spa for cats.It would be the ultimate feline luxury experience.
I told her not to even think of doing that.  I forgot that she never listens to me.
She didn’t waste any time.  I went out the other day to run some errands and came home to find that my living room had been turned into a cattery.  Every stray and outdoor cat in the neighborhood was there.  Somehow, my cupboard had been raided and all my bowls and small plates were now on the living room floor, filled with milk, water, dry cat food or catnip.  Two tabbies sitting by themselves in a corner were drinking cream from my Rosenthal porcelain teacups.
The kitties nearest the catnip-filled bowls were either running in circles or sprawled on the floor, stoned out of their pint-siz…

Women Are Like ... What Again?

This is the third installment in what is apparently becoming a series.
************** Women and the Movies
Most of us enjoy a good movie.  The question is, what movie and why.
Science Fiction Action Movies
They have excitement, explosions, chases, fights, shooting, explosions, objects that can destroy the universe, people getting into cosmic messes in places far away from earth, and explosions.  Some of them also have ugly monsters who have a lot of fun making life impossible for humans.  Muscular, hunky robots are also common.  Sometimes they are the good guys, but to us Real Women who are heterosexually oriented that isn’t as important as the hunk factor.
A guy might suggest going to see the latest sci-fi action flick because he loves special effects, fights, explosions and monsters.  He imagines himself in the role of the hero, vanquishing evil all over the cosmos and protecting everyone from some painful annihilation dreamed up by an imaginative screenwriter.
The guy’s girlfriend w…