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Politics 101

Good evening, and welcome to another session of Let’s Talk to Anyone with a Gizmo.  I’m your host, Kathy Minicozzi.  Our guests today are two of the most famous political figures in the world: Her Majesty Queen Cleopatra VII of Egypt and His Majesty Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte of France.  Welcome.
CLEOPATRA:  Thank you.
Let’s begin with you, Your Majesty.
CLEOPATRA:  Call me Cleo.
Alright … Cleo.  If you were to advise a beginning politician of today, what do you think is the most important thing you would say?
CLEOPATRA:  Two things.  Get rid of any siblings and give yourself to a powerful man.
You are talking about Julius Caesar, right?
CLEOPATRA:  Who else?  He had the power and I had … well, you know what I had.  If you’ve got enough of it to take a smart, powerful man and turn him into a quivering mass of jelly who will give you anything you want, it’s stupid not to bring it out and flaunt it in his face. You were in Rome when Caesar was assassinated, right?