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Cheerful Old People

It’s a stereotype:  the elderly curmudgeon.  You know:  the old guy who yells at neighborhood kids whenever they get within ten feet of his yard; the gray haired woman who complains when you walk too loudly; the two old ladies who sit on the porch, whisper to each other and glare at everyone who passes by; and what have you.  It gives all older people a bad name. Most of us over-60 types are nice, pleasant people, but that doesn’t get you the same kind of attention that you can get by slugging people with a cane while simultaneously cursing in two different languages.  That gets immediate attention, although probably not the kind the perpetrator wants.
Even though we constitute a majority of the senior population, we nice oldsters deserve some credit for existing as nice people, because it isn’t easy.  Have you ever tried to be cheerful when your back is hurting, your arthritis is flaring, you have to go to the bathroom ten times a day and you only got about three hours of sleep the …