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The Halls of Genetically Altered Ivy

Colleges and universities are institutions of learning; at least that's what they're supposed to be.  Some of them are better at this than others, just as some students are better at learning than others.
I wonder what it would be like if extracurricular activities and campus escapades were factored into a student's final grade point average.
Let us take a sentimental journey back to June, 1968.  I will use my writer's license, and place myself in this story.  I am a 22 year old kid, about to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Music.  My academic advisor has called me into his office for a meeting.
(My real advisor was happy that he was finally going to get me out of his hair, and I was eager to get my degree and go on to graduate school.  Having a final meeting didn't occur to either one of us.  But I'm a writer, and I can make up anything I want to make up, even if it is a flat lie.)
By the way, all of the names in the story are fake except for mine, and any res…

Superstition Shmuperstition

I live with danger every day.  At least, some people think I do.  I am a superstition flouter.
Take chain letters and chain emails.  I hate those things.  It's easy to get one started.  All you need are a basic ability to write in a fairly coherent manner, a vivid imagination and several gullible friends.  That thing will go viral in about two days.  It's like a global game of Telephone.  By the time the letter gets around, enough has probably been added to or subtracted from it to make it even scarier than the original.  Get around it will, too, because, even with the non-superstitious, there is something in one corner of one little brain cell that says, "You will be toast if you don't pass this on to at least 20 people within the next 30 minutes."  So, just to be on the safe side, they pass the letter on and on and it ends up in my inbox.
I take one look, and delete it.  To prevent any evil from descending on me, I say a prayer.  Then I spend the next couple of w…