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Ruining History for Everyone 2

I couldn’t just stop with debunking Davy Crockett on Humor Outcasts.  I’m on a roll now, so watch out.
Some more historical debunking:
1.Paul Revere didn’t finish his famous ride.  He ran into a British patrol and had to stop and explain what he was doing out at night, riding a horse, yelling and waking people up.  A couple of other guys who were doing the same thing that night got through and finished the job.  The thing was, Paul Revere’s name was easy to fit into a poem, which is what Henry Wadsworth Longfellow did.  This was great PR, and Paul Revere became a legend even though he actually got caught by the people he was trying to warn everyone else about.
2.George Washington didn’t live in a hut with his men at Valley Forge.  He was the General, so he lived in a comfortable, warm house, within view of the soldiers who were living in huts.  They still thought he was a hero and they didn’t see anything wrong with this, which just goes to show you something, although I don’t know what.