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Do Cats Really Rule, or Is That Just What They Would Like Us to Think?

It's Sunday afternoon and my cat Harmony won't let me take my usual nap on the armchair in the living room.  It isn't dinner time, so that's not the reason she was rubbing against me, meowing at me and poking me with her nose.

She wanted to play, and she wanted attention.  So I flashed the little red laser dot until it looked like she was getting bored with it.  By that time I had already given up on the idea of a nap and was at the computer.  She left me alone for a bit, then I started to feel something hairy tickling my leg.  I was being buttered up again.

This time she wanted me to take an old rolled-up magazine, poke her with it and make her jump for it.  This is a cat's idea of fun.  It is somehow intertwined with her putting her head into a large paper bag.  When her head is in the bag, I'm supposed to poke her butt and her feet with the magazine.  When she comes out of the bag I'm supposed to hold it up and make her jump for it, in between the variou…

An Interview With the Archangel Gabriel

There have always been questions for which humanity has been dying, sometimes literally, for an answer. Why do bad things happen? What happens after we die? Why do some people want to kill other people for stupid reasons? When is the world going to end? What number will win the Powerball lottery?
Who is better to talk to than God’s messenger himself, the Archangel Gabriel. I met him on 47th Street and Broadway, where he was polishing his trumpet in preparation for a couple of hours of busking in between delivering angelic messages to the cast of Altar Boyz. He agreed to give me an interview.

ME: Thank you, Archangel Gabriel, for …

GABRIEL: Oh, just call me Gabe. Everyone else does.

ME: Well, tell me … uh, … Gabe, is this the way you always look or can you take on any human form?

GABRIEL: I stick to one look. An elderly man in a blue shirt and blue slacks. It makes my job easier. I used to appear to people right out of the air, with my wings on and wearing a l…